The Journey of VAGO's New Wonder World

The Journey of VAGO's New Wonder World

Dear VAGO users,

We are thrilled to announce the official launch of VAGO's genesis event.

In this event, VAGO has prepared multiple rewards worth over 10 million US dollars for everyone, and there will be more mysterious gifts waiting for you!

Rules of the Event:

Activity One: Welcome to the New World of VAGO

VAGO has prepared a million-dollar newcomer welfare package for VAGO users. Users can participate in the VAGO Wonderful New World Tour event by purchasing electronic cigarettes. Scan the QR code on the vape package to log in to VAGO. User will receive a level-1 vape NFT fragment worth 100 USDT and VAGO tokens worth 20% of the value of the vape, as the gifts from VAGO after the registration is completed. The vape NFT fragments can then be freely traded in the secondary exchange market in VAGO.

Activity Two: Claim the Blind Boxes with Your Friends in the New World

VAGO has prepared blind boxes worth millions of dollars for everyone! From now on, every time you invite three invitees to register and verify successfully in VAGO's app, you will get a blind box of VAGO. The blind box will randomly issue a different level of cigarette stick NFT fragments or game token $VAGO or other mystery rewards.

  1. Invitees must register with the inviter’s exclusive invitation code VAGO app and must verify successfully.

  2. The number of friends that can be invited to this event is unlimited.

  3. An account that has been invited cannot be invited by others again.

  4. Once a cheating action is confirmed, VAGO has the right to retreve all rewards.

Activity Three: Merge NFT Fragments to Obtain Exclusive Rewards

VAGO has also prepared the gifts of merging NFT fragment for users who support VAGO. Each gift is worth up to 1,000 US dollars. Users can get it by merging the NFT fragments.

NFT merging rules:

Level-1 Vape NFT Fragments x2 + $VAGO = Level-2 Vape NFT Fragments

Level-2 Vape NFT Fragments x2 + $VAGO = Level-3 Vape NFT Fragments

Level-3 Vape NFT Fragments x2 + $VAGO = Level-4 Vape NFT Fragments

Level-4 Vape NFT Fragments x2 + $VAGO = Level-5 Vape NFT Fragments

......and so on in a similar fashion

Level 10-15 Vape NFT fragments can be exchanged for VAPE NFT worth $1,000 in VAGO games

Note: VAGO reserves the right to adjust the rules of the event, and the final interpretation right belongs to VAGO.

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